Your 2 Cents: What Would You Buy If You Won The $1.5 Billion Jackpot

Wednesday, January 13th 2016, 11:27 pm
By: News 9

Right now, some Oklahoman could be a new half billionaire.

I know most say if they hit the Powerball they'd give a chunk of the money to charity or to their family.

But I asked specifically what is the first thing you'd BUY if you hit the Powerball, and I got some interesting responses. 

A lot of people said homes and cars and then there was Donia from Noble who said she'd buy, "Sparkly shoes and plane tickets to Italy."

Or Cherokee from Cheyenne, "Buy an RV and just drive..."

I like Bryan's: "I'm going to hire Kelly Ogle to be my personal reporter."

Wonder what that pays?

Bobby's is interesting he'd buy "A movie quality Chewbacca outfit and an airplane to fly."

That would certainly turn heads in the pilots' lounge.

Ralph was more sentimental, "Round trip tickets for my wife and me to France so I can go down and see where my Dad was killed in WWII." 

Carol says, "Buy a million + dollar log cabin in Jackson Hole, Wyoming."

Patrick said, "I'll buy you & your brothers and families a steak dinner."

Tony from Guthrie writes, "I've always wanted one of those Dyson bathroom hand dryers.. so probably that."

It's important to think big Tony!

And finally Janelle says she'd buy, "Nicorette Gum because I'm going to have to quit smoking so I can live long enough to spend all the money."

I'm Kelly Ogle and that's YOUR 2 Cents.