Garvin Co. Sheriff's Office Release Frantic 911 Call In Connection With Double Shooting

Tuesday, January 19th 2016, 9:45 pm
By: News 9

Investigators released the 911 call made by a woman who said the two suspects, who shot two people, also tried to go after her.

Tuesday, News 9 learned one of the suspects, Trevor Noland, was released just 12 days ago after serving just half of a three year sentence for illegally possessing a gun.

His mother thinks he shouldn't have been released early.

Martina LeeTwo people have been shot! Please!"

Dispatcher: "Ma'am. Ma'am. Take a deep breath. Take a deep breath and talk to me. OK? Two people have been shot? Do you know who shot them?"

Martina Lee: "No, I do not!

It was about 7:20 a.m. Monday when this call was made by a scared and frightened Martina Lane.

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She pleads for help over and over with the 911 dispatcher.

That morning, investigators said five friends were in a pickup now with a blood-smeared hand print on it

Lane said the shooting started when pickup pulled over on a rural Wynnewood dirt road.

Martina Lee: "My fiancee needed to go use the restroom, and that's when everything took place. ... My fiancee is shot in the head and so is Buddy. He tried to shoot me."

Jackson McMahan and Justin Kozarevich, both 19, were both found on the side of the road with gunshot wounds to the head.

Investigators said the suspected shooter, Trevor Noland, and his accomplice, Roger Arles, took off in the white pickup.

Martina LanePlease hurry! They said they were going to come back."

Lane told the dispatcher they did and shot McMahan and Kozarevich again.

Court document say Noland then aimed the gun and pulled the trigger at Lane, but the gun ran out of bullets.

A judge set the their bonds Tuesday, Noland at $1 million and Arles at $500,000.

Tuesday night, both victims are in the hospital and investigators are still working to figure out the motive.