Steve's Travel Blog: One Step In Front Of The Storm

Friday, January 22nd 2016, 1:57 pm
By: News 9

The race continues on from airport to airport. The goal? -- cover every Thunder game home and away this season. We knew Mother Nature would be the issue eventually and her big blast of winter in the northeast hinders our streak of games tonight in Dallas. What can you do?

Hats off to the people who helped with this ever changing travel plan. I was supposed to be live at 5, 6 and 10 from Dallas tonight, but that was scratched. We switched to reports from Dallas at 5 and 6, then race to DFW for a flight to The Big Apple. And that was scratched this morning, so what's next?

Now I'm off to Dallas for a real quick layover and then up and out to New York for a 6:00 arrival. (Fingers crossed)  I have my doubts, especially when the guy at the Southwest ticket counter says good luck.  So if you see me tonight with a report at 10 from Brooklyn that means it all worked out, who knows I maybe live from Love Field in Dallas. 

Anyone know of any good sports bars in Brooklyn -- if you do hit me up on Twitter @stevemcgehee.

OKC doesn't play in Brooklyn until Sunday afternoon, so if I'm stuck in Dallas for awhile I might drive down to Waco and cover the Sooners on Saturday. Do they have direct flight from Waco to the Big Apple?

Did I mention this is my first trip to New York City -- my timing couldn't be any worse, haha, I may wake up Saturday morning to a foot of snow. I'll take pictures for you.  Did I remember to pack my gloves? Uh-oh........

Another travel worry looms soon. The Thunder play the Knicks on Tuesday and then at  Minnesota the next day -- will I get out of the northeast and what lies ahead for me in Minneapolis. Stay Tuned!