Authorities Investigate After 2 Dogs Reportedly Thrown From Vehicle In OKC

Saturday, January 23rd 2016, 2:14 pm
By: Grant Hermes

When the call came into the Oklahoma City Animal Welfare Shelter early Saturday morning, crews sprang into action.

The caller, audibly shaken, said they saw two dogs being thrown from a white Jeep Cherokee. The driver never stopped to see where they landed.

“It was pretty traumatic for that individual so she was able identify the vehicle but not get a license plate,” Julie Bank with the shelter said.

They were named Grant and Abby. Both were over a year old but without any identification. They have collars but no tags or chips, meaning there was no information on where they came from only that where that was, was no place any pup want to be.

“They're very lucky because they could've been worse, because they could have continued to not get the nutrition they needed or worse if they'd have gotten hit by a car or something,” Bank said.

The dogs should be just fine after a few days of care, Bank added, but officials launched an investigation that could lead to charges for this all too common crime.

“Unfortunately we do see this, I don't want to say often, but we see it enough that it's something that we're concerned about,” Bank said. “Abandoning an animal like this is 100 percent against the law and could actually be punishable by a $1,200 fine and a year in prison."

But officials said there's never a need for things to go that far. The City has plenty of resources to keep pets happy and healthy.

“If you can't afford food, we can give you food. If you can't get them spay-neutered, we can spay-neuter. If you can't keep them anymore, we're more than happy to take them in Oklahoma City," Banks said.

The dogs will be monitored for the next five days and if no one comes to claim them, they'll be put up for adoption.