Brothers Arrested In Logan County Theft Investigation

Wednesday, January 27th 2016, 10:51 pm
By: News 9

A Coyle man who passed out behind the wheel may have given Logan County investigators a break in several open cases.

He's now charged with several felonies including DUI and possession of a stolen property.

Investigators say they had a hunch who they might find slumped over the wheel of the stolen truck on the rural Logan County road. But what they didn't know is where the driver's arrest would lead them.

Isariel Cummings was pulled over passed out when a Logan County deputy found him inside a pickup that investigators confirmed was stolen.

The deputy said "Israiel woke up and appeared to be surprised and startled"

Court documents said the deputy ordered Cummings out of the truck just as he reached for the steering wheel.

The deputy also reported smelling booze coming from Cummings, who also admitted he'd not slept in four days and had used meth the day before.

“I have some idea of what he may have been doing out here but i can't disclose that at this time,” said Sgt. Greg Valencia, Logan County Sheriff’s Office.

Inside the pickup, investigators said they found several stolen items including mail, jewelry, and a rifle.

Logan County investigators think the man that they arrested at the intersection of Country Road 71 and Hiawassee Road may be the key to helping them solve several open theft investigations in Logan and Payne counties.

Investigators are also looking at Cummings' brother, Jeremy Doramus.

He was arrested Wednesday on two counts of second degree burglary, one for having a stolen ATV.

As for Cummings, he was out on bond following a December arrest when investigators say they caught him with that ATV and a stolen gun.

Investigators said this is an ongoing investigation with more possible arrests.