Metro Police Search For Vandals

Monday, February 1st 2016, 11:15 pm
By: News 9

Vandals have hit several metro neighborhoods, shooting at cars and homes. Some residents say they're fed up, while others are worried for their family's safety.

Since Sunday, Bethany police have received close to 50 reports of shot out windows on cars and homes.

Investigators think the person behind the shootings is using a BB gun.

“Yeah, it ticks me off that they are doing that!” Brian Fallon said.

Over the weekend, Fallon and his wife found both of their cars parked in front of their home with bullet holes in their windows. But neither of them heard the shooting.

“I didn't notice it before then, but as soon as we came out i looked at it and said i think my window got shot,” said Fallon.

The Fallons are one of dozens of victims throughout Bethany. Evidence of the vandalism continues on their street car windows covered until they can be replaced.

Right now, Bethany investigators really don't have very much to go on, as to who's responsible for the shootings, because the vehicle owners don't realize it's happened until they come out to find the damage.

“Some people are hearing a loud exhaust whenever they are hearing window break,” said Bethany detective Robert Lamar. “Law enforcement has been looking for them for a week now.”

The flood of reports began last Sunday night, starting at two churches on College Avenue. Shots from a BB gun shattered the City Life Church front window, which was finally replaced today.

“Certainly bothers me. The first thing I think of, course I’m a pastor, is these kids need Jesus,” said Pastor Nickolas Tarter.

But despite the damage, Tarter welcomes the vandals into their church.

“Even though they broke out window we'll still love them because that's what we are called to do love people in Jesus’ name,” said Tarter.

Warr Acres police also are investigating similar vandalism reports, but also an incident where a resident was hit in the face with a BB. They too have little leads to go on.