Titus & Tobias

Tuesday, February 2nd 2016, 4:29 pm
By: News 9

What makes Oklahoma special? We think it’s got to be the people. And we meet some amazing people in our stories. Here’s another example.


It started with a letter, written to Kelly Ogle and Amanda Taylor. A ten year old boy hoped to find a way to borrow a jogging stroller. That request introduced us to a beautiful example of brotherly love that brought tears. Tobias simply wanted to take his profoundly disabled brother outside, so Titus could be a little like other kids. Tobias wanted to enable his brother to feel what it’s like -- to run.

But the humble request to help his brother was not all. Tobias made another generous offer. To “volunteer myself out to any other parents who want me to run their disabled children in a 5k. I can be the legs for more than one kid.” His loving gesture was noticed and it wasn’t long before the brothers were featured on national television. Now their story of brotherly love has touched people around the world.

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