Dean's Take On OU/TX Big Monday Game

Monday, February 8th 2016, 5:06 pm
By: Dean Blevins

How big is this game? I believe OU must beat Texas to have a chance to win the Big 12.

Coming off a loss, they have Kansas Saturday and have road games at Texas and West Virginia.

OU has not been consistently strong enough defensively. Worst, they got outfought in the Saturday loss at Kansas State.

The 50-50 balls they lost in Manhattan can't be lost tonight. And Texas will fight.

Dependable Jordan Woodard did not score and missed all 6 shots. Can’t have a repeat of that. Buddy Hield must be stronger with the ball and not force up low-percentage shots out of frustration. Also, Ryan Spangler tweaked a troublesome knee; and his physical presence is necessary for the Sooners. Surging Texas is No. 1 in field goal defense.

Look for the Sooners to come out with a great deal of intensity, especially defensively.

If they don't, a loss to Texas will probably be fatal to their Big 12 hopes.