Family Says Moore Teen Accused Of Making School Threats Was Bullied

Monday, February 8th 2016, 10:12 pm
By: News 9

Cleveland County search warrant affidavits outline what an apparently troubled teen allegedly told therapists he wanted to do to Moore High School.

The court documents detail a set of scary conversations between mental health employees and the 17-year-old Moore student.

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Investigators said on Jan. 29, an employee with Positive Changes in Oklahoma City reported Robert Dobbs said he wanted to kill the Moore High School principal. They also said that he had a "plan in general to kill him (Coyle) and destroy Moore High School."

According to the employee, Dobbs went on to say he "would have to disfigure himself to he would be 'more scary' when he killed people."

And then on Feb. 1, the documents stated a psychiatrist at the same place told detectives Dobbs expressed desire to kill "popular kids that all bullied me."

Documents said Dobbs knew his mom had a gun in the home for self-protection, but didn't know where it was kept.

Authorities noted Dobbs has made several other previous threats to kill persons at Moore High School and has pending charges in Cleveland County in reference to the threats.

But according to the boy's father, "he didn't always look this way or make threats." In a Facebook post, Dobbs’ dad said that starting in the sixth grade, kids "began bullying him mercilessly."

He also said Dobbs has autism and the intellectual capacity of a 10-year-old.

Moore police said they could not comment on the teen’s mental health status, but said Dobbs was dangerous and had the means to carry out the threats.

The day the search warrant affidavit was filed for the alleged threats, Dobbs' mother was arrested at that same address. Investigators said they found marijuana plants, a grow operation and a shotgun.

She has since bonded out. News 9 knocked on her door Monday afternoon and there was no answer.