Edmond Teen Arrested, Accused Of Raping Siblings' Babysitter

Friday, February 12th 2016, 4:33 pm
By: News 9

An Edmond teen is accused of raping the babysitter, hired by his mother to watch over the teen’s five younger siblings.

The alleged crime happened on Feb. 5. According to a report, the victim was supposed to be babysitting at a home in Edmond from Feb. 4 to Feb. 7 or 8. The babysitter was watching over five younger children, but the eldest sibling and suspect, identified as the 18-year-old Madison Alexander Forsyth, was also in the home.

Police did not say if the victim and Forsyth knew each other prior to the alleged incident.

The victim, also 18 years old, told police that on the night of Feb. 5, around 8:15 p.m., Forsyth asked if the victim and two of his younger sisters wanted to watch the Sponge Bob movie in his bedroom. Shortly into the movie, the victim said the two young girls got sleepy. So she took them to bed, but agreed to finish watching the movie with Forsyth.

Not long after the two resumed the movie, the victim told police Forsyth paused the video and kissed her on the lips. She said she made the statements, “You have a girlfriend,” and “Don’t do that.” But she said Forsyth then got on top of her and began assaulting her.

The entire incident lasted about seven minutes, according to the victim. The victim told police she repeatedly told Forsyth to stop, but she said the assault only ended after she started crying. During the assault, the victim told police Forsyth made the remarks, “This is fun,” and “Don’t act like you don’t like it.”

Following the alleged assault the victim said she sent text messages to her mother, an ex-boyfriend and another friend to let them know what had just happened.

After speaking with police and identifying her alleged attacker, police went to Forsyth’s house. According to police, Forsyth allegedly locked his bedroom door and fled out a window just before officers arrived. Officers tracked Forsyth to E. 40th St. and S. Coltrane in Edmond, where they learned he had ditched his phone.

Forsyth was eventually arrested, but the police report did not disclose under what circumstances he was apprehended.