Heart Attack Survivors Reunite For Valentine's Day

Friday, February 12th 2016, 10:25 pm
By: News 9

Maybe this Valentine’s Day you're expecting a nice dinner, flowers or chocolate, but for two Oklahomans this time of year has much more meaning.

"It's kind of just ironic, because it's all about the heart,” Sandy Ingram said.

This Valentine's Day, Sandy is overflowing with life and gratitude, but this time about ten years ago her heart was in literal and fatal pain.

"I was having heartburn all night long. Didn't sleep all night,” she said.

Sandy was having a heart attack, and her husband loaded her up for the hospital, but he didn't think Sandy would make it there. So, he pulled into the Mustang Fire Department for help.

"The next thing I know I woke up into the emergency room,” she said. “Here I am."

Friday, she was anxiously waiting to reunite with the paramedic who saved her life in the ambulance.

"I had a heart attack, and he rescued me,” she said.

But Sandy wasn't the only one who was saved. Paramedic Jim McClung not only saved Sandy's life, he helped save his own.

Two years ago, Jim himself was having a heart attack and drove himself to the nearest place he could find help - the Mustang Fire Department. Just like Sandy he was rushed to the hospital.

But there's more to these two strangers’ heartfelt bond. Both of their hearts stopped beating along the same area on the way to the hospital about the same time of year, and both were brought back to life.

"We died about the same place in the ambulance,” McClung said. “So we both died about the same place, both came back about the same place."

Both of their hearts shocked back into rhythm.

"When we were transporting her in, what is now about 59th and Airport Road 152,” he said. "And that's the spot where I coded."

Now, years later, the two meet again.

"I look at things with a different perspective,” McClung said.

A perspective neither almost didn't live to see and one that truly comes from the heart.

"I get emotional, because it's really tough,” he said. "You may not ever see the person you love the next day. So Valentine’s, every day is special."