Latest Tech Trends: Drones Carrying Humans, Virtual Reality

Tuesday, February 16th 2016, 9:13 am
By: News 9

We all remember those view-master toys, the goggles with the lever on the side that changes slides. Well now, technology has taken that toy to a whole new level.

As time continues, technology becomes more advanced and the latest in the tech trends now includes virtual reality, but also drones. China is running away from the competition in this category. Drone companies there are now expanding into new areas, despite the hurting economy.

One Chinese company is actually testing drones that are large enough to carry humans. It's completely automated, so the person sitting in the drone won't even need any pilot skills.

Apple and Google are just two of the many tech companies taking on virtual reality. "Google Cardboard" headset is already on the market. It allows you go on an African safari or scuba diving with the help of 360 degree cameras. But the company is looking to advance that as well.

While Google may seem in the lead, experts believe the gaming market will eventually be conquered by virtual reality.