Officials Get Creative With Evicting 'Destructive' Geese From Chickasha Park

Wednesday, February 17th 2016, 2:34 pm
By: News 9

Families are not all that's flocking to Shannon Springs Park in Chickasha. More than 200 geese can be found in the park on any given day. 

"I remember as a little kid coming out here and feeding them and it was just a good time for the whole family," said George Clark. 

Clark and his family brought bread out to feed the geese, Wednesday morning.  

"The kids love 'em, I mean you can come out here anytime and the kids are out here just feeding them," said Clark.

City Manager Alan Guard said it’s problematic for park appearances.

"Geese tend to eat the grass down to the dirt and you can see all around the lake there is nothing but dirt," said Guard. 

Guard said goose droppings on park paths and jogging trails are also a concern for residents.

So, the city is implementing some new techniques to combat the problem.

"We are going to scare off the wild geese either with air horns or some other type of loud noise at random times," Guard explained, " our parks people will also be out here with specially made t-shirts so people will know that they have permission to harass the geese," said Guard.

The city promises everything will be done humanely and is asking residents to help by avoiding feeding the geese.