Woman Taken Hostage By Devin Rogers Speaks Out

Thursday, February 18th 2016, 8:26 am
By: News 9

We're now hearing from the gunman who recently took hostages in Norman. He said he did it to get away from society. But now what should society do with him?

Is prison the best place for guys like Devin Rogers? An army Veteran with no criminal record who seems he just needs help. That's the question raised by the very person Rogers took hostage.

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"I don't harbor hate for what he did but I'm also not saying he's completely innocent. I think the issue is what do we do when these guys do crack. Where's the mitigation?" said Jennifer Shokat, hostage.

Jennifer Shokat first spoke on this issue just hours after being taken hostage. She expressed sympathy for Rogers, saying he needs help and he's not an evil man, but a broken one.

One Norman officer blames her feelings on Stockholm Syndrome, where the hostage expresses empathy and sympathy for their captors.

Shokat said that's ridiculous.

As for Rogers, he says he's not actually mentally unstable. He just uses the term.

"It's just a word I know is easy to be recognized. If anything I was still in my self-destructiveness and everything around me just didn't matter anymore," said Rogers.