Authorities Continue Search For Suspect In El Reno Machete Attack

Thursday, February 18th 2016, 5:53 pm
By: News 9

A machete attack in El Reno has sparked a nationwide search for an 8-year-old girl.

An Amber Alert was issued for 8-year-old Mabel Lopez. She is believed to be with her mom Miria Lopez, also known as Maria Ramierez, and her father who is the suspect in the stabbing. He is 39-year-old Arcenio De Jesus.

De Jesus, his wife and daughter live with two other men, Juan Carlos Rangal and Luciana Salazar. Police believe de Jesus attacked Rangal and Salazar with a machete and fled with his wife and daughter.

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“It was unexpected like something out of a horror movie,” Jeffrey Caldwell said.

Bloody and mangled Salazar was stumbling near the road and flagged down Caldwell as he was leaving work.

“This guy randomly just passed the street in front of our car all bloody with his cheek hanging out,” Caldwell said. “Like missing fingers, just blood everywhere.”

Caldwell said Salazar spoke broken English and looked like he was about to faint. He was desperate for help.

“He pointed at that house and said that guy was crazy, and that’s all he said,” Caldwell said.

Caldwell called 911.

"El Reno 911. What is your emergency?"

"This guy is like cut up, like his face is like open, and it's all bloody and everything like dripping."

Police showed up and found Rangel also stabbed and in even worse condition than Salazar with stab wounds all over his body.

“At this point we have no witnesses,” El Reno Police Department Lt. Van Gillock said. “Both of our people who are injured were unable to speak to us.”

An arrest warrant has been issued for Arcenio De Jesus. Police have presented two assault with a deadly weapon charges to the Canadian County District Attorney, but formal charges have yet to be filed by the DA.