Residents Rattled After House Explosion Near Yukon

Saturday, February 20th 2016, 10:17 pm
By: News 9

An explosion destroyed a metro home. The blast could be felt miles away and was cause by a natural gas leak inside the home.

"We were watching TV, and it was by far the biggest boom I've ever heard,” Josh Swank said.

And it could be felt for miles.

"It just kind of rumbled, and I was thinking earthquake, and that wasn't what it was,” Swank said.

Fire fire officials believe someone stole a gas powered stove out of the model home.

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"What can happen is as it's pulled away from the wall, it disconnects from the piping that comes into the appliance, and basically fills the house up with gas, and what had happened was the gentleman who works across the street for the model homes went across to check on the sprinkler system, and when he opened up the garage door, he smelled the gas,” Oklahoma City fire chief Cathy Hayes said. “ As he walked away it exploded.”

It sent the man flying onto the driveway and insulation and debris falling like snow.

"You could just see everything raining down, insulation and stuff blowing around the neighborhood,” Swank said.

About five other homes were damaged. Nobody was hurt, but their nerves were rattled.

"I've never seen anything like it,” Swank said.

Fire officials say they're not sure yet what the ignition source was. Six homes total were damaged with a loss of more than $600,000.

Oklahoma Natural Gas released a statement Saturday, stating:

"Oklahoma Natural Gas responded to a reported house explosion earlier this afternoon near 10800 NW 32nd Terrace in Yukon. The house was under construction and had natural gas service.

"We are cooperating with the Oklahoma City Fire Department on this investigation.

"We understand the Fire Department reported that natural gas was the cause of the explosion. Local authorities have reported the investigation includes the possibility of a gas stove being stolen, causing the home to fill with gas.

"We have inspected the immediate area and found no leaks on our facilities.

"As a reminder, if you smell natural gas in your area, leave immediately and then call 911 or Oklahoma Natural Gas 1-800-458-4251."