Newcastle Neighborhood Hit By Car Thief

Sunday, February 21st 2016, 5:33 pm
By: News 9

Parked cars in a neighborhood are easy pickings for the quick and inconspicuous car thief. One family in Newcastle realized that when they woke up and their SUV was gone.

Brianna Norman lives in the Bradford Place IV addition just off Interstate 35. She woke up Wednesday morning to an empty spot in her driveway.

“You feel completely violated,” she said. “It really didn't hit me until later that day, I kind of felt stranded and stuck.”

Luckily her neighbor across the street caught the guy red handed on a security camera. In the video, you can see him casually walked down the street, going from car to car, trying to get in.

“When he reached in and got into the car, he would have had to reach in and get all through the stuff,” said Norman’s husband, Rett.

Rett Norman kept the spare SUV key hidden in the console of his car, which was unlocked, allowing the thief easy access.

“It is frustrating, because I feel like I’m partially responsible which I am because it's my car,” he said. “I just wish they would have dusted for prints.”

The security video shows the man easily unlocked and jumped into the couple’s 2014 gray Chevrolet Traverse.

“It's a weird feeling watching somebody back out of my driveway in my car while I’m in my house sleeping,” Brianna Norman said.

With their own security shaken, the couple changed the locked on their house and their garage door opener. Now, they wait for their SUV to be found.

“Even if my car is not found or if it's destroyed when it is found, I hope the guy at least has consequences he has to pay,” she said. “It's not okay to come in and violate somebody like that.”

Several neighbors also reported items stolen from their cars that night. If you recognize the man in the video, you are asked to contact police at (405) 387-5525.