Bernie Sanders' Wife Speaks To News 9 About Fossil Fuel, Oil Industry Jobs

Thursday, February 25th 2016, 8:33 am
By: News 9

Senator Bernie Sanders was rallying for votes in Tulsa Wednesday night. New poll numbers show he is catching up to Hillary Clinton in Oklahoma.

Just days ahead of Super Tuesday, the presidential candidate shared his ideas to an estimated 9,000 Oklahoma supporters. It was stump speech night for the Vermont Democrat. He set goals to fix the criminal justice system, economy, and student loan debt.

He wants a raise for minimum wage workers. But he also made some bold remarks about his plans for the environment. and his desire to get away from fossil fuels.

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Sanders' wife spoke to us about those desires, and what that could mean for jobs right here in Oklahoma.

"Fossil fuels are not the future for our planet in his opinion and in my opinion but that is not to not to denigrate the hard work of all the people that are involved in that. And we need to help, we need to help them make a transition as we go and it will take a while," said Jane Sanders, Bernie Sanders' wife.

U.S. Senator Harry Reid just announced his support for Sanders' rival, Hillary Clinton, and former Oklahoma governor David Walters is expected to do the same.