Steve's Travel Blog: Back In The Groove

Friday, February 26th 2016, 11:30 am
By: News 9

I can't lie, a trip to Toronto for the All-Star game was appealing, but being home with my wife and daughter will top the decision list every time. The break gave us a chance to catch up on being a family and catch up on my sleep. Hats off once again to Deanne and my mother-in-law for going above and beyond in my absence. Maybe next year I can take them to Charlotte for All-Star game --- hmmm.

Since OKC started the stretch run at home for two games, my Thunder once-in-a-lifetime experience didn't hit me until I boarded the plane for Dallas. Oh yeah --the plane rides, I remember you -- and wouldn't you know it , the shortest flight of the year turned out to be the bumpiest of all so far. The last wind gust about three seconds before we landed at Love Field caught us all by surprise.  One state over, tornadoes were bouncing around New Orleans, so it was a good thing Dallas was first and then New Orleans.

Let's see -- we have 15 road games left. I have never been to Sacramento, but will end up there twice before the regular season ends. My best friend from high school lives in Sacramento, so hopefully we can catch up. 

My flight back from New Orleans included a stop in Houston, For a while there, I thought every one of my flights included a stop in Houston. Good to see you again Houston.