Red Dirt Diaries: Edmond Dog Honored For Heroism

Friday, February 26th 2016, 6:48 pm
By: Karl Torp

An Edmond dog is being hailed a hero after his owner just thought he was being kind of annoying. His actions are now being celebrated across the state.

Milo is like a lot dogs. He’s happy, energetic, friendly and willing to follow any command for a treat!

But something has happened to our furry friend – Fame.

Jim and Missy Bob rescued the dog three years ago, and unbeknownst to him, “Milo  Mania” is everywhere.

Fans are even immortalizing the Border-Collie mix.

It’s all because what happened a year ago. Missy said she was confused by the whole thing.

Milo would come to the door, bark and stop.

“He was trying to get my attention to something,” said Missy.

She opened the front door and saw nothing, but the pooch was persistent. So, she took a closer look.

“I could kind of faintly hear something,” said Missy.

Across the street and two doors down, a neighbor was yelling in pain after a fall. Nobody heard it except Milo.

“He’s taught to bark when there were people were outside. I guess he took it to a new level.”

The neighbor is fully recovered.

Soon, the story was made the rounds on social media.

When the Oklahoma Veterinarian Medical Association heard about those great ears, it voted the three-year-old dog into its hall of fame.

It became official weeks ago in Tulsa.  Along with service and guide dogs, Milo took the stage. He proved that some dogs that have been rescued themselves always look and in this case listen to return the favor.