Dean Catches Up With Oklahoma State Coach Mike Gundy

Monday, February 29th 2016, 5:16 pm
By: Dean Blevins

Mike Gundy has always been a guy who does things his way. Always has, always will.

From the day he described his new position at OSU football as his “New York Yankees” job, to the day he lambasted an OKC writer during his famous (or infamous, depending on your persuasion) ‘I’M FORTY’ rant. 

From his clearly uncomfortable relationship with AD Mike Holder and the man with his name on the stadium to when Gundy and the mega booster publicly re-booted their relationship. 

From the time he called Dez Bryant a knucklehead, to the times soon after he referred to Dez as the greatest receiver in football. 

From the annual preseason Big 12 Coaches Media Days when he looks like he just stepped off the cover of GQ to Saturday night when he and his pal/son Gavin entered Chesapeake Arena for a prearranged pregame interview with ESPN unshaven, dressed in jeans, tennis shoes and an untucked orange knit shirt.

Whether a fan of the winningest coach in OSU history or not, one thing is clear:  Mike Gundy is true to Frank Sinatra’s classic, I Did It My Way. Sometime between Gundy’s interview with ESPN and tipoff of the Thunder vs. Golden State, we caught up with the always-cooperative Cowboy coach.

Attached, you’ll see our interview with Mike didn’t disappoint. Where most coaches would do their best to avoid answering a question about an incoming transfer whose daddy just happened to be the greatest running back in college football history, Gundy not only answered questions, he was the one to initially bring up Barry J. Sanders. And when he did, he actually put a number of carries he anticipates next season for the Stanford transfer.

Thanks for checking in.