Paramedic Meets Newborn He Helped Deliver Over The Phone

Monday, February 29th 2016, 10:44 pm
By: News 9

An EMSA dispatcher met a newborn baby he helped deliver over the phone. On Monday, the family met their "hero" for the first time.

Macario is the third baby the 911 call taker delivered over the phone, but Monday was the first time the call taker held a baby he helped bring into the world.  

Only 1 week old and weighing a little more than four pounds, Marc McDonald held the baby he talked his father through delivering.

Elizabeth Doshier wasn't sure if she was in labor until it was too late to get to the hospital.

But on that day, McDonald didn't realize how quickly things would progress.

“It was went from the water's broken to me hearing the child crying,” McDonald said. “To hear the child cry that just like, you know. OK we're good. We're breathing.”

Bryson Doshier's first call that night was to 911 to help his wife, but the second was to Sandra Lesperance, a paramedic for EMSA and the grandmother.

“I'm calling Marc and  I’m calling all them saying that was my grandbaby!” said Lesperance.

If Bryson Doshier had called  911 a few minutes earlier,  it could have been grandma helping Bryson with the delivery.

Holding sleeping little Macario, McDonald was reminded of the impact his job on people calling him for help.

McDonald gives all the credit that night to mom who did all the work and dad who kept her cam.

McDonald said all he did that night was narrate.