Ahead Of The Storm: News 9's Lacey Swope's Vital Role During Severe Weather

Wednesday, March 2nd 2016, 12:27 pm
By: News 9

Meteorologist Lacey Swope helps you start your day on News 9 This Morning. However, on severe weather days, she also plays a vital role in getting the information you need.

"There's just kind of a somber time that takes over when it goes into severe weather mode," Lacie said.

Lacey said each member of the team has specific roles. Her role is to become radar ready.

"My role specifically is one of them where you'll hear my voice on air, you won't necessarily see me," she said. "You'll see the map zoom in or zoom out or change to a different product, that's what I'm doing, moving the mouse, I'm physically driving the radar."

Lacey also serves as a filter for all the information coming into the weather department, passing along only the vital information David needs to get out to the viewers.

"Some of those days can be really difficult because you're sitting there watching what's happening, on radar," she said. "You're literally seeing people's lives change in front of your eyes."

Lacey says it's a complete team effort in the News 9 Weather Center, with Jed Castles, Justin Rudicel, Matt Mahler and Cassie Heiter behind the scenes to help keep viewers informed.

"It's really unique here since we have so many people so that David can stay on the wall the entire time." she said. "Everyone works so well together, everyone takes their job very seriously."

In addition to the biggest team of trackers in the country, we have Jim Gardner piloting the State's fastest news helicopter.