Del City Students Take Part In Mock Primary

Thursday, March 3rd 2016, 10:11 pm
By: News 9

As presidential candidates campaigned across Oklahoma ahead of Super Tuesday, students at Del Crest Middle School did their own research on who is running and where they stand on the issues.

“I wanted to leave their minds open to wherever they felt led to be. I didn’t want to guide them in any really particular direction, so I just let them choose,” said Del Crest Middle School Communications Teacher Mindy Teszlewics.

“Bernie Sanders is wanting free college and Hillary Clinton is going for women rights and Donald Trump wants to send back illegal immigrants,” 6th grader Lindsey Cooper said.

And then they made their voices heard in what they called a “maucus.”

“I thought it was cool because people think that whenever you’re younger it doesn’t matter, but at this age you should like be getting into it because in the next couple votes, you’re going to be voting yourself,” she said.

Del Crest students along with students at 68 other schools in the state voted using the website Newsela.

According to Newsela's results in Oklahoma, Bernie Sanders won across the board.

Nearly 44 percent of high schoolers and 31 percent of middle schoolers said he is their pick for president.

Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton and Marco Rubio weren't far behind him.

Newsela's Results

Urban Schools Rural Schools Surburban Schools
Ben Carson 5.19% 10.06% 7.18%
Bernie Sanders 39.78% 30.36% 29.71%
Donald Trump 9.16% 20.74% 19.74%
Hillary Clinton 25.03% 13.68% 14.76%
John Kasich 0.61% 1.50% 1.00%
Marco Rubio 9.05% 10.24% 12.16%
Ted Cruz 11.19% 13.42% 15.45%
               High Schools                 Middle Schools             Elementary Schools
Ben Carson 6.95% 6.92% 9.77%
Bernie Sanders 43.97% 31.25% 27.00%
Donald Trump 17.02% 18.90% 11.67%
Hillary Clinton 8.79% 17.41% 26.46%
John Kasich 0.85% 1.31% 0.68%
Marco Rubio 13.19% 10.38% 8.14%
Ted Cruz 9.22% 13.83% 16.28%