Alleged DUI Suspect Crashes Through Front Yards In Chickasha

Friday, March 4th 2016, 10:51 pm
By: News 9

Chickasha police arrest a man after he allegedly drove through several front yards, even going airborne, before finally crashing to a stop in a front yard.

The officer said he smelled alcohol on the driver's breath and found a half empty bottle of whiskey in the back seat. Even after his arrest, neighbors are still talking about the crazy accident.

Tire marks and muddy tracks through the front yards show the path left behind by the driver's joyride after his vehicle veered off the road.

“He come from this side of the fire hydrant come across my neighbor's yard here and hit right here. I guess at that point is where he might have got a little airborne,” said Andrew Graves.

Chickasha police said Bradley Mulkey's truck shot up about 30-feet landing on the neighbor's basketball pole… then hit a car parked in the driveway.

A mid-afternoon drive giving witnesses a wild story to tell.

“It sounded like a train hitting. You know how box cars will hit real hard? That's exactly what that sounded like,” said Patricia Smith.

Patricia Smith said she and her dogs raced outside to see what made the noise and found her grandson's SUV flipped on its side.

“The back end was pointed toward the house and the front end was pointed out that way. He hit it with force,” she said.

Smith said she spotted Mulkey a few doors down stumbling out of his truck.

“As I started down that way the guy opened the door and fell out of the truck. Yeah there was a half of bottle of whiskey in the truck with him,” she said.

Police said Mulkey admitted to having "a little whiskey [that] morning" but none since.

In addition to being arrested for DUI, police said they gave Mulkey a handful of tickets- one for his reckless driving and another for not wearing a seat belt.