Norman New Business Tastes Sweet Success

Sunday, March 6th 2016, 5:56 pm
By: News 9

Great new business ideas don't grow on trees but one new store in the metro believes it's planted the seeds of success through their sweets.

Apple Tree Chocolate is located along Campus Corner in Norman, where married OU graduates Scotty and Ashley Jackson took the potential of a simple apple to a whole new level.

“We have our chocolate dipping area right here,” Scotty said. “We have dark, milk and white chocolates and we use them every single day.”

Offering more than 200 varieties of chocolates, fudge, bark and other treats, the real magic though happens in a large copper pot.

“Caramel really is like working with mercury,” Scotty said. “If you change the temperature too much it just turns back to sugar also if you use a metal or plastic utensil, it can turn back into sugar.”

He enlisted the help of Chef Hunter Torbert to come up with their winning recipe.

“It wasn't an easy process; we went through several different recipes and finally landed on one we really like.”

The process of creating their homemade caramel takes more than two and a half hours, boiling at temperatures reaching up to 250 degrees.

“It's literally caramelizing,” Scotty showed up the bubbling brew. “We take cream, sugar, butter and start cranking the heat up on it.”

Adding the sticks to the green apples, they are now ready for a dip and spin. Once cooled, the apples take on a whole new taste with nearly a dozen different recipes.

“You can get something that just has nuts on it or something with nuts and chocolate. We have some real unique stuff with candy bars,” Scotty said. “Apple pie is probably our best seller and it's just some sugar, graham crackers and spices that I can't really tell you about, that literally make it taste like apple pie. It's amazing.”

Scotty said it’s also amazing to finally see the fruits of their labor ripen.

“When we started, I was losing sleep and it was scary it was taking a big risk,” he said. “The fact that we're becoming sustainable is really gratifying.”

The couple is already seeing sweet success, winning with their apples at the Norman Chocolate Festival two years in a row. The store also offers dog treats.

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