Hillary Clinton Wins Mississippi Democratic Primary, CBS News Projects

Tuesday, March 8th 2016, 8:11 pm
By: News 9

8 p.m. ET CBS News projects that Hillary Clinton has won Mississippi's Democratic primary, where polls closed at 8 p.m. ET.

Polls are still open in Michigan.

The former secretary of state runs strong across many demographic groups in Mississippi. She continues to perform well among women and African-American voters.

7:15 p.m. ET

More than seven out of 10 Mississippi Democrats want the next president to continue President Obama's policies:


7 p.m. ET

An update on exit polling from Michigan -- as reported earlier, around 40 percent of Michigan Democrats say the economy and jobs is the most important issue to them:


6 p.m. ET

More exit polling data: More Democratic primary voters in Michigan and Mississippi believe that trade with other countries takes away U.S. jobs than creates new ones. Democrats in the industrial state of Michigan are more likely to be negative about the effects of foreign trade:

  • Takes away jobs: Mississippi, 43 percent; Michigan, 56 percent
  • Creates new jobs: Mississippi, 39 percent; Michigan, 31 percent

Very large numbers of Democratic voters in Michigan and Mississippi think that the U.S. economic system generally favors the wealthy rather than being fair to most Americans:

  • Generally favors the wealthy: Mississippi, 79 percent; Michigan, 88 percent

Just about half of the Democratic primary voters in Michigan and Mississippi say that race relations have gotten worse in this country in the last few years; only about one in seven thinks it has gotten better.

About eight in 10 Democratic primary voters in Michigan and Mississippi say they made up their minds who to vote for over a week ago.

5:28 p.m. ET

The economy is the top issue for Democratic voters in Michigan and Mississippi today, according to CBS News exit polling.

Democratic candidates Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders are competing for as many as 188 delegates from the two states, which are holding both Democratic and Republican primaries on Tuesday. Here is where the candidates currently stand in the delegate count, before Michigan or Mississippi votes are tallied:


In Mississippi, as many as 40 percent said the economy and jobs are the most important issue to them, the exit polling shows. In Michigan, 43 percent say so. In Mississippi, another 25 percent said health care was the most important, while 20 percent named income inequality.

In Michigan, slightly more people named income inequality (26 percent) than health care (22 percent).

As for the candidate qualities that mattered the most, 31 percent of of Mississippi voters and 32 percent of Michigan voters said they're looking for a candidate who "cares about people." Thirty percent of Mississippi voters and 28 percent of Michigan voters said they're most concerned with a candidate having the right experience. Slightly more voters in Michigan (27 percent) than in Mississippi (22 percent) named honesty as the most important quality. Just 13 percent in Mississippi and 11 percent in Michigan said they're looking for a candidate who can win in November.

Majorities of Democratic voters in both of these states (52 percent in Michigan and 72 percent in Mississippi) want to see the next president continue President Obama's policies.

Unlike Republican primary voters, Democratic voters say experience is more important than being an outsider.

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