Red Dirt Diaries: Newcastle Wal-Mart Greeter Warms Hearts

Friday, March 11th 2016, 6:49 pm
By: Karl Torp

Store greeters usually provide a comforting smile and hello. But one in Newcastle takes her job to the extreme.

Helen Hendricks has a big following as the greeter at the local Wal-Mart.

The 80-year-old has had the job for 14 years. And she loves it just as much as people seem to love her.

“This is my home, and this is my family,” said Hendricks.

That goes not just for her co-workers, but for anyone who walks through the door.

Every day since day one, she’s known to wear festive outfits while on the job.

She dressed as Cupid for Valentine’s Day and wore a cap and gown around high school graduation. She sports over 12 outfits each year.

“I drive everybody crazy,” said Hendricks in her St Paddy’s day green.

“There’s a balloon in the hat,” added Hendricks about her tricks of the trade.

The outfits turn heads, but it’s her hugs that people seem to really appreciate.