Metro Man Attacked By Group Of Dogs

Friday, March 11th 2016, 10:01 pm
By: News 9

Spencer Ridley said he was walking up the street on Northwest 40th Friday when a group of dogs cut his trip short.

“I thought it was just playful at first, just nipping at me, but I kind of ‘shooed’ them away from my foot and then they came back and started biting me,” Ridley explained.

As the dogs ripped through his jeans and latched onto his legs, he managed to kick and punch his way out. And he ended up on Russell Holmes’ doorstep.

Holmes said he shot his BB gun to scare the dogs away and called police. Animal control also showed up and took the five dogs away.

And Ridley had to go to the hospital with several deep puncture wounds. He hopes the dogs were vaccinated. While waiting on lab results, he's taking antibiotics.

The dogs reportedly behind the bites are now at animal control and visibly frightened after what happened Friday.

Ridley said he wants to press charges.

“At the level that they were biting me, it could have been some kid’s face,” said Ridley.

The medium sized, mixed breeds dogs will stay locked up as authorities continue their investigation - news that puts many neighbors at ease.

“I do feel safer now that they’re not running the streets and anywhere they can get at our kids,” Holmes said.

Animal control’s Julie Bank said Friday afternoon they're not sure who owns the dogs.

Bank said the owners could eventually be served citations.