Edmond Man Uses Interactive Website To Track, Solve Crime

Sunday, March 20th 2016, 9:19 pm
By: News 9

Crime solving at the speed of the Internet, that's what one Edmond man is doing through a new website.

He just needs the community to jump on board to help catch these criminals before they strike again.

“Crime is everywhere,” said Paul Conrady, founder of CrimeSeen.com. “These bad guys do it until they get caught, they don't stop until they get caught.”

He set up his website several years ago, a crime-solving social network, where people help each other protect their property and themselves.

“We call it crowd source crime solving, we're crowd sourcing all the security assets, many of which that already exists,” he said.

Anyone can sign up for free, and then set up your location radius and then receive alerts about crime happening near you. You can also report crime and share your home security video and posters.

“As soon as it happens with technology today i can take snapshots off of these machines and in just a few seconds have it out to the public,” he said.

In fact, he recently helped to solve a crime at a construction site in Edmond, using the security cameras from a nearby church.

“We were able to provide a pretty nice picture of the truck that was involved in that crime and we're three blocks away,” Conrady said.

Once information is posted, it goes into a database for others to use.

“It will bring up every crime that that information's in and you can literally be a CSI person and link them together,” he said.

His hope is to one day catch criminals in real time, using video analytics, where operators can alert you and police when they see suspicious activity.

“The more people that put this equipment in the quicker we're going to catch the bad guys and they're not going to be in our neighborhoods,” he said.

Since he started in 2011, Conrady has helped solve more than a dozen crimes. Click here if you would like to sign up.