Purcell Police Warn Residents Of 'Felony Lane Gang' Burglarizing Cars

Wednesday, March 30th 2016, 7:50 pm
By: News 9

The Purcell Police Department is warning residents about a gang of thieves that have already struck several times across the metro. Police believe the group is based out of Florida or Maryland, and is connected to crimes nationwide.

The group is called the “Felony Lane Gang”. The nickname was given to these thieves as they prefer to use the farthest outside lane of banks in an attempt to cash their ill-gotten checks. 

For months, police across the metro searched for the person behind the string of car break-ins.

Just weeks ago, Edmond Police caught a break when a surveillance camera captured a suspect's get away SUV.

But Purcell police's gang investigator said that lead won't last long.

“The vehicles change because they will take a vehicle until it's too well known then change vehicles,” said Det. Sgt. Scott Stephens, Purcell Police.

The Felony Lane Gang is said to be responsible for dozens of car burglaries in Oklahoma City, Norman, Del City, Edmond and Midwest City.

And they're not just hitting the metro, police across the country have tried to stop the troop of crooks. Each case gives police a better understanding of their operation.

Investigators said they target places like gyms, parks, or day cares where purses are often left behind.

“They use a window punch, which is a quick way to get into a car, break the window out grab the purse  and they got her driver’s license her credit card her social security numbers checks,” said Det. Sgt. Stephens.

Items they take straight to the bank and cash.

In Purcell, a security camera caught a woman, police said is connected to the ring, cashing a forged check that was stolen from Edmond.

And police say these crooks are smart constantly recruiting new members.

“It's a male suspect that is recruiting females mainly prostitutes or people who are drug addicted to do the cashing of the forged checks,” said Det. Sgt. Stephens.

They also take extra steps to be ahead of officers by listening to police radio traffic.

“We can't be everywhere and like I said they are very organized and they keep an eye on us,” he said.

The gang is said to be headed south, but police said they could be back at any time.