McClain County Deputies Warning Community Of Police Impersonator

Friday, April 1st 2016, 10:35 pm
By: News 9

Investigators are looking into another report of a police impersonator in McClain County.

This marks this fourth incident in the county within a month, but this time, it happened in Lindsay.

Details of this latest incident are similar to what happened in Blanchard; a man again pulling over a woman.

But this time, the impersonator took something.

The woman was barely outside of Lindsay, in a rural part of town when a white SUV began flashing its lights and honking. Signs meant she needed to pull over, the driver assumed.

“Any time that McClain County stops a vehicle, they are going to have red and blue emergency lights, and if they have to use any kind of audible, it would be a siren,” said Capt. James Harryman, McClain County Sheriff’s Office.

The impersonator flashed a badge at the woman and identified himself as "Officer Sanchez" from Lindsay police.

While checking her license and registration, he noticed a narcotic prescription bottle inside the woman's car.

He took the drugs then said she was good to go.

“He gave the reason that she cannot have them in there while she's driving,” Harryman said.

Investigators are now looking to see if this latest incident is connected to several sightings of an impersonator in Blanchard.

While the vehicle descriptions match, Blanchard's impersonator struck at night and used a red bubble light to pull over his victims.

“The first thing he said to me was you need to turn your car off and I have never ever been told that by a police officer,” said Laci Dushane.

Dushane was pulled over in February in Blanchard by an impersonator.

If you ever question someone pulling you over, call 911 immediately.