Steve's Travel Blog: $10 Short And Casa Bonita

Tuesday, April 5th 2016, 1:30 am
By: News 9

A spontaneous decision that was almost executed over the weekend.  I flew into Houston about 3:30 in the afternoon last Saturday, one day before the Thunder-Rockets game Sunday afternoon. While waiting in line at the rental car agency I decided to take a look at to see how much a Final Four ticket was going for. Should I go? I've been to a Women's Final Four but not a Men's Final Four.

The cheapest one was $77 dollars, OK, I wait and see if it drops, I just want to get in the door so I could say I've been there and done that. I picked up my rental and started making my drive to NRG Stadium, I'm going for it at this point. I checked StubHub again and the ticket I had my eye on dropped to $50 dollars. I pull over to a risky neighborhood and quickly go to the website on my cell phone. I was too slow, by the time I logged onto the site the ticket was gone. OK... was that a sign not to go? Still going for it, so I drove to the stadium. I arrived 25 minutes before tipoff, no traffic, I paid $20 dollars to park close to the stadium.

I go on StubHub again looking for anything, I lock in on a ticket only to find out the StubHub ticket headquarters was a mile and half from where I parked. They didn't tell me that until I went to purchase, that would have been nice to know before I parked.

So that idea is scratched and so I try scalpers. I was amazed to see so many tickets up for grabs in great locations, I was looking for the last row up top since I had only 40 dollars in my wallet. I was close to getting in but the scalper wouldn't drop to $40 dollars, the lowest he would go was $50 dollars even though the game just started. Oh well, I walked back to car and listened to the game as I drove the my hotel in north Houston.

For the second time on my Thunder journey's I leave a city where a major sporting event was taking place on the same day I left for another destination (Super Bowl and Final 4 Finals). I'll will gladly settle for the NBA Finals in June.

The highlights on this four-game Thunder road trip so far include a picture with the great Ralph Sampson after the Thunder game and a supper destination at Casa Bonita in Denver. I went to Casa Bonita several times as a kid, since we vacationed in the Rockies virtually every summer growing up in Kansas.

The place inside looked just like it did about 35 years ago, I figured that's how long it's been since I walked through the doors. The cliff divers are the main attraction, diving 30 feet into the water, not bad for entertainment, but they still need to work on the food. I didn't realize Casa Bonita originated in Oklahoma City.