Suspected Serial Killer Leads Officers On Hunt For Bodies

Tuesday, April 5th 2016, 7:14 pm
By: News 9

A convicted felon charged with the brutal killing of a Bethany girl is now leading Texas authorities on a search for more bodies.

Human remains were found Tuesday in a field outside of Houston.

This is the second spot where human remains have been found.

The man leading authorities to the bodies is 56-year-old William Reece.

For several days, investigators have been digging along a large area near Highway 288 in Brazoria County, Texas, just south of Houston.

Denton, Texas, police confirmed that human remains were indeed found.

They are believed to be the remains of Kelli Cox, who disappeared back in 1997.

Investigators also found human remains at a dig site last month in Southeast Houston.

Those are believed to be the remains of Jessica Cain who also went missing that same year, but are yet to be positively identified.

Reece, who is currently in a Texas prison serving a 60 year sentence for kidnapping, was spotted at both scenes.

Denton, Texas, police confirmed that stating their "investigators have been working with William Reece and directed investigators to the crime scene."

News 9 spoke with Kathy Dobry, whose daughter Tiffany Johnston was found raped and murdered in 1997 in an Oklahoma field.

Last year, DNA linked Reece to the crime.

“They won't have complete closure but at least they have something,” Dobry said.

Tiffany's story became part of a book written by true crime author Kathryn Casey, who has been following the recent developments and interviewed Reece in prison for her book.

"He's very arrogant, very egotistical, he was brash,” said Casey, who has received letters from Reece. “He was very much the psychopath. It was a very disturbing interview. I asked him point blank if he was a serial killer and he denied it.”

Casey said Reece has always maintained his innocence, but knowing he could be facing the death penalty in Tiffany's case may be the reason he is trying to help police in order to reach some sort of a plea deal.

“I think he murdered those girls,” said Casey. "He is a serial killer.”

Dobry told News 9 April 6 marks Tiffany’s birthday and not a day goes by that she doesn’t think about her.

She said she feels for the families in Texas who are now going through the same thing she went through 19 years ago.

Tiffany would have been turning 38 if she had lived.