Police: Woman Attempts To Stage Kidnapping At Moore Elementary School

Thursday, April 7th 2016, 9:51 pm
By: News 9

A frightening request by a Moore woman raises concern after walking in to an elementary school asking to kidnap a student.

Police said she claimed it was a project to show how easy it would be. But police and the district didn't take her request lightly.

The woman actually called a Moore officer on Wednesday, looking for help on a project. She was told to come by Thursday. Police had no idea at the end of that call she would try to carry out the project on her own.

Moore Police said the woman claimed she was trying to raise awareness on how easy it would be take a child from school. But her plan alarmed staff at Apple Creek Elementary and police.

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“She didn't have ill intent just a very stupid decision on her part,” said Sgt. Jeremy Lewis, Moore Police.

Police said the woman walked in to the elementary school just before the end of the day.

“She approached the staff about creating a fake/real kidnapping just to make a video to show in the schools to show how easy it is to be kidnapped,” said Sgt. Lewis.

Police said her plan was then to take that child to an officer's house.

This immediately raised red flags for Apple Creek staff and the woman, a former student, was asked to leave.

“Technically she didn't commit a crime. She talked about what could have been a crime,” said Sgt. Lewis.

A letter was sent home with all students at Apple Creek Elementary informing parents of the incident and "extra safety measures" in place Thursday.

“She now understands it was a very dumb decision and not a good idea at all,” said Lewis.

Her picture was also given to every principal in the district, warning them of the woman.

The woman was given a trespass warning. She is no longer allowed on any school campus.