Metro Contractor Facing Embezzlement Charges

Monday, April 11th 2016, 4:59 pm
By: News 9

Three years after a storm one Yukon woman says a contractor who took her money is finally getting what he deserves.

A lien was even placed on her home, and she didn't know it until she a got a phone call.

There are a lot of new roofs in Kellie Bruner’s Yukon neighborhood. A storm back in 2013 is why Bruner had to replace her roof, but an even bigger storm was brewing; one she didn't even know about.

“[I didn’t know about it] until I got a phone call from the subcontractor,” Bruner said.

A lien was placed on her home after she says the contractor, Ryan Veirs, didn't pay the subcontractor for the work.

“I started contacting Ryan and asking him what was going on and why he hadn’t paid his subcontractor, and he informed me it was personal and was none of my business,” Bruner said. “I said, ‘It is my business. I have a lien on my house now.’”

Bruner wrote the Construction Industries Board, the Better Business Bureau and the Attorney General's Office.

"I got a call back from one, which was the attorney general's office,” she said.

It's taken awhile, but investigators tracked down Veirs and filed charges on him. He posted bond Monday.

“It takes a couple of years for the home owner or a year or so for the homeowner to even complain to our office, and that’s because they’re usually good at leading them on,” Assistant Attorney General Julie Bays said.

“In this case we allege that he did not pay the subcontractors nor pay the refund she was due.”

And now Veirs is getting what Bruner says he's due.

“You should have listened,” Bruner said. “You should have paid the guy. I told you I wouldn’t stop.”

If you have had a negative encounter with Veirs, the AG’s Office would like to hear from you.