Demonstrators Take To The Capitol, Demand Action To Reduce Earthquakes

Tuesday, April 12th 2016, 6:30 pm
By: Aaron Brilbeck

A few dozen demonstrators showed up at the capitol Tuesday, demanding action to reduce earthquakes in the state. 

“We have a capitol, we have a governor, all the elected…all of the agencies aren’t protecting us people,” said demonstrator Angela Spotts. “And I think people are starting to wake up and realize that.”

That’s what brought these folks to the capitol. Among other things, they want state lawmakers to overturn senate bill 809; a law that was signed last year that prohibit cities and towns from enacting drilling bans. 

Rep. Richard Morrissette, D - District 92, tried to get the law repealed. 

“I believe that we have in this state a duty to protect our citizens, which means their lives and their property and the majority in this building and the governor fail to recognize that and refuse to do what’s right,” Morrissette said. 

News 9 pointed out that Morrissette skipped the vote on the bill last year. 

“I wasn’t there for that,” he said. “I can’t remember exactly what happened.”  

The Oklahoma Oil and Gas Association released a statement saying, in addition to reducing overall disposal of produced water within the Arbuckle formation they've also:

  1. Created a Coordinating Council to share data on seismic activity.
  2. Are working to update Oklahoma’s Fault Maps
  3. And are using 1-point-4 million dollars in state emergency funds to increase staff and technology for the corporation commission and the Oklahoma Geological Survey.

But demonstrators say that’s just not enough.

“They’re protecting oil and gas, plain and simple,” Spotts said. “That’s who’s paid for most of the elected in this office. And it’s rather shameful.”