Carhop Speaks Out After Being Assaulted While On The Job

Tuesday, April 12th 2016, 10:11 pm
By: News 9

A Sonic carhop said a customer attacked and robbed her even after the carhop offered to pay for her meal.

It happened just before closing at the Sonic near NW 23 and Pennsylvania Avenue.

News 9 was told Sonic provides training for its carhops on ways to protect themselves, but Monday night, police said a customer lured her carhop close with deceiving kindness.

Victoria Lawson still remembers every detail from Monday night's attack including what her attacker ordered.

“A bacon cheese toaster combo with medium fries and a medium Dr. Pepper,” she said.

Lawson said the woman appeared friendly and was chatty. Police identified her as 28-year-old Briana Lee.

Police say Lee attempted to pay for her meal, but her card was declined. So Lawson offered to pay for her food.

“No good deed goes unpunished. I never believed that statement until now,” said Lawson.

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Lawson said the woman wanted to thank her for the kindness with a hug.

“She grabbed me really fast, her hands were like pressed on my checks squeezing them in and her fingers were digging in my eyes. I tried to scream and cry, but I couldn't,” Lawson said.

Lawson tried to escape, but she said Lee fought harder then sprayed mace in her face and slammed her head against a pole.

Police say Lee then took off with Lawson's apron filled with cash.

“It was so planned perfectly, she parked at the last stall and she was a carhop. She knew the system. She knew everything,” she said.

It wasn't long before an officer spotted Lee not far from the Sonic and arrested her. According to police, Lee already used some of the stolen cash to buy a phone card.

“I'm not mad at her. I don't wish any ill will on her I don't even wish jail time on her. I just want to know why. Why me? What did I do?” said Lawson.

Not even 24 hours after her attack, Lawson was back at work, serving customers from inside the restaurant Tuesday night.

Lee is a multi-convicted felon and has spent several years in prison. Lee was booked into the Oklahoma County jail on complaints of first-degree robbery and assault and battery.

Lawson was taken by ambulance to OU Medical Center where she was treated for multiple injuries. She was released on Tuesday.