Bethany Children's Center Rehabilitation Hospital In Need Of Volunteers

Thursday, April 14th 2016, 6:09 pm
By: News 9

The Children’s Center Rehabilitation Hospital in Bethany is looking for volunteers to work with their patients.

Colson Files started volunteering in February and says these three months have been rewarding. He’s been working with a three-year-old boy named Michael, who is dependent on a ventilator around the clock.

“His eyes light up. He recognizes me that I’m coming in to play with him. We just built a bond and I know his likes and dislikes so it’s been really cool just to see that change in him,” said Files.

It makes all the difference to Michael who can’t go to preschool like other toddlers.

From music therapy to play time, it makes it more enjoyable when Michael has Colson by his side.

Michael is one of more than 100 children who could use a friend like Colson.

Volunteer coordinator Amy Coldren says there are several different volunteering options like assisting one-on-one with class activities, special education classes, bed-side volunteers, outpatient therapy clinic volunteers, and more.

To get information about volunteering, reach out to Amy Coldren at 405-789-6711.