Bill Allowing Open Carry Without Training Passes Oklahoma Senate

Thursday, April 21st 2016, 8:54 am
By: News 9

It could soon be legal in Oklahoma to carry a gun without any required training. The bill has already passed the house, and it passed the senate Wednesday.

This bill means that anyone who is over 21 years old and is not a convicted felon would be able carry a gun as long as it can be seen. Also, classes, a shooting test or a permit will not be required.

Now supporters of the bill argue not just one or two, but 30 other states already have this same law. And they also say none of those states have any major incidents because of it.

However, there are plenty of organizations against the bill. Most notably the Oklahoma City Thunder and the Oklahoma Highway Patrol. The Thunder and the OHP are among two dozen businesses, universities and law enforcement groups that are now urging the state's senate leader to kill the measure. In response, the NRA is now sending its members into the capitol in support of the measure.

Now the bill goes back to committee for possible changes or it could be kept the way it is. If there are change the process will start over. If not, it goes to the governor.