Man Creates Device To Protect Vehicles From Hail

Thursday, April 21st 2016, 10:04 am
By: News 9

There is a creative way to protect your car from the next hail storm. A man said he's created a "cure-all" device you can easily carry inside your car.

No matter the size or how it comes down, hail always leaves its mark until maybe now. 

A Texas man created the "hail protector" after he got tired of dealing with hail damage. In just a few minutes, it inflates, creating a cushion thick enough to deaden the blow of even the largest chunks of hail. He said the device is great for people who can't park their cars or trucks in a garage.

Sizes range from Mini Coopers to full-size work trucks.

"If you can spend five minutes putting this on versus waiting weeks or months to get your car of out the shop, that'll never be the same, it's an easier decision," said Michael Siciliano, Inventor.

The "hail protector" costs about $300 and also comes with an app to alert you about oncoming storms so you can cover your car in time.