Good Samaritan Finds Puppies Beaten, In A Ditch

Monday, April 25th 2016, 10:16 pm
By: News 9

Animal rescue groups are investigating the deaths of eight newborn puppies. 

It happened last Thursday near the town of Willow in Greer County, they said. 

The Oklahoma Alliance for Animals said nine newborns — some with their umbilical cord still attached were discarded in a ditch. 

Oklahoma City’s Bella Foundation said all of those pups had been attacked, and possibly clubbed in the head. 

A good Samaritan tried to save the four dogs that were still alive when he found them. 

Three of those dogs died Friday while being cared for in Oklahoma City. 

“When they died, a massive amount of blood came out of their mouth, which is not normal,” said Bella Foundation operations manager Traci Nesbitt. 

One of the pit bull-hound dog mix did survive. 

He’s nursing from a Maltese-mix mother who gave birth to puppies of her own last Tuesday in Oklahoma City. She had been abandoned by her owner.

“We do have a donor link on our website at the Bella,” Nesbitt said. 

She said if the surviving puppy -- the Bella Foundation has named “Maverick" -- lives, he’ll be in foster care for at least the next two months.