Woman Thinks Facebook Argument Led To Suspicious Ticket From Del City

Wednesday, April 27th 2016, 2:36 pm

Amanda Hursh said she got into a Facebook fight with the Del City mayor a few days before she got a ticket in the mail.  

That ticket was written to her Facebook name, not her real one. 

In addition, Hursh said she doesn’t even live in Del City, and the ticket was delivered to her mother’s house.

Hursh's mom has had issues with Del City code enforcement.

So when Hursh saw someone else with similar problems on a Del City Facebook page, she offered up the number of her mother's attorney and that's where she said it all started.

“The Del City mayor got on there,” she explained on Wednesday. “He was very unprofessional. He had this attitude. I said ‘why are you people doing this kind of stuff?’ and he said ‘I’m not even going to talk to you about it’ and the post was erased."

A couple days later Hursh said a ticket for maintaining a public nuisance arrived in the mail, it could cost her a $750 or 60 days in jail. The ticket was written to Amanda Hursch Hill the name she uses on Facebook, not her real name.

“That’s the only way they could have gotten the name, I don’t use that name in any other thing,” she said.

Amanda showed News 9 her driver's license with her legal name. Hursh is spelled differently on Facebook (Hursch) and her last name is not Hill. She also had bills and other papers to prove her Oklahoma City address.

The Del City mayor wasn't available to answer News 9's questions, but the city manager said elected officials do not influence those who write tickets.

However, he said has no idea how this happened.

Hursh did go to court Wednesday for the ticket. She said the judge would not dismiss it because anyone who eats at someone's house is considered an occupant of that home, and can be ticketed for code violations.