Steve's Thunder Travels: Seasons Change

Thursday, April 28th 2016, 2:51 pm
By: News 9

A pair of sweats, a News9 shirt and/or News9 jacket plus tennis shoes. That was my normal flying attire on my Thunder journey's this season when flying from stop to stop. My philosophy: you might as well be comfortable when flying, because you never know about delays. My favorite is when the pilot says we're eighth in line to take off, in other words, sit back and relax this may take a while.

With the warmer temperatures I switched up and went with shorts (first time) and a polo, en route to San Antonio, a subtle reminder that the NBA season sure is long and who knows, June maybe in the cards with this team.

I was asked three times Wednesday while catching up on errands around Yukon for a prediction on the Thunder-Spurs series. My answer?  I honestly don't have a good one, not yet.

My last flight to San Antonio sure was worth the trip, without KD, Russ and Serge, OKC took the Spurs to overtime before losing.  If the reserves can play like they did that night, then it's game-on in Mid-May somewhere in the pacific time zone.

When the season finally does come to a close, I anxious to count up all my travel miles and share some of my highs and lows. The Cleveland airport will NOT top the list, but Enchiladas in San Antonio will score very high. Missing my wife and daughter, that's a given.