Fletcher Home Destroyed In Storm: Family Feels 'Blessed'

Saturday, April 30th 2016, 8:58 am
By: Aaron Brilbeck

Less than three minutes. That’s how long it took the storm to level a mobile home near Fletcher, leaving the family with next to nothing. 

Rummaging through what's left of her trailer home, Dianna Klenk sees, “My life. Nothing. I don’t know.”

Klenk was in town when the storm hit. She knew her daughter was home alone, so she raced to get there. 

“And the storm was really bad behind me.  So, I got here as fast as I could because my 15-year old was still in the trailer..” Klenk said, “I had two kids in the back. I got her in the car and as soon as I did I looked her way and the trailer was gone.”

It was picked up and tossed aside.

“Never seen anything like it” Klenk said, “Just up and down. Up on its side. Down. Never seen anything like it.”

The car the family was in was just feet from the trailer home, and remained untouched. Despite losing so much, Klenk knows she's blessed. 

“Yeah I’m very blessed,” she said, “Because it should have taken that car and the carport before it took my house.”  Still, it will be hard to replace all she lost. 

“I don’t have a home,” said Klenk.

The Red Cross is helping the family, and neighbors are helping them store anything that can be salvaged.