Woman Says Minivan With Pets Inside Was Stolen In Stillwater

Friday, May 6th 2016, 2:03 pm
By: News 9

Cassandra Smith has fresh scars from falling on the concrete. She was running after a man who drove away with her van. The worst part is her two dogs and kitten were inside.

Smith was picking up her husband from work, and parked in the Noodles and Company parking lot in Stillwater. She left her car running for the pets and walked over a few feet to let her husband know she was there.

Her van and everything inside including her pets were gone within seconds. Smith describes a tall white man with dark curly brown hair in a light green tee shirt who jumped into her van. She owns a 2003 gold Toyota Sienna, duct tape on a rear brake light, a Bernie Sanders sticker on the back, and missing handles from the sliding doors. The license plate number is 304JTJ.

There was also $2000 worth of inventory from her tie-dye clothing business. Smith said there were a few electronics in the van as well. Most importantly, she wants her pets back.

“Everything else is material possessions, but they are part of our family,” Smith said.  

Minnie is a 5-year-old pitbull who is deaf. She is white with blackish blue spots and pointy ears. Minnie has one blue eye and one brown eye and is not wearing a collar.

Chex is a 3-year-old shih tsu, lhasa apso mix, white with black ears and face and large black spots. He is long-haired with a blue collar and a green rabies vaccination tag. Chex is also micro-chipped.

Sasuke is a 7-week-old kitten her family recently found. She is small and fits in a hand and sick right now.

“We really worry that he may not make it through this,” Smith said.

After searching all night, Smith is heartbroken and hoping the community will keep an eye out for her pets.

The family is offering a reward for the safe return of their pets. They can be dropped off at the Stillwater Humane Society. The organization will take the animals back with no questions asked.

A police report has been filed with the Stillwater Police Department. Anyone with information can call (405) 372-4171.