Edmond Family Says They Have Been Living In A Construction Zone For 18 Months

Wednesday, May 11th 2016, 6:03 pm
By: Dana Hertneky

A family from Nepal moved to Oklahoma to seek the American Dream, but instead they said it's been a nightmare after their brand new, custom home has been turned into a construction zone for over a year while they waited for the builder to fix a leak.

Last year, when the massive earthquake hit Nepal, it destroyed the Pandey's family home, but their house in Edmond has its own problems.

The family moved into the home in August 2014 and within a couple months, their wood floors started buckling. They eventually realized their chimney was leaking.

“We are living like this for more than one and a half year(s) with two kids,” said Neeta Pandey as she pointed to a hole in her wall where her fireplace used to be and wiped away a thick layer of construction dust from her furniture.

The family said they've been waiting all that time for Dodson Homes, who built the house, to fix the leak.

“I am so frustrated," said Pandey.  “My husband, he is worried too much and he doesn’t sleep because of this. And he started taking blood pressure medication.”

Dodson said they realized the home's fireplace was leaking in May and already rebuilt the chimney. But the problem persisted. Last month, Dodson signed an agreement to complete the repairs and outlined the work to be done.

But Dodson said the homeowners are constantly asking them stop the work including for several months around the holidays. 

The family, however, argues at this point, they are concerned that the work that has been done was done incorrectly especially after they called in a private contractor and home inspector to check it out.

“(The) home inspector said it was not a good idea to make it like this,” said Pandey. “Any time we had (an) earthquake it would collapse everything.”

The family said they just want the chimney fixed correctly and would like an extended warranty to make sure it was done right.