Investigation Continues Following Moore HS Bomb Threat

Thursday, May 12th 2016, 7:59 pm
By: Grant Hermes

Thursday afternoon, Jim Gardner and Bob Mills SkyNews 9 HD flew over the scene after a bomb threat at Moore High School.

School officials, not taking any chances, evacuated the school and allowed some students to be checked out early.

Parents lined up half way down the block.  Students streamed through the parking lot and across a busy road. It was all officers could do at times to avoid an accident in the intersection.

Police evacuated the school Thursday afternoon, after finding a note written on a bathroom wall saying a bomb would go off here today at a specific time. Police wouldn't say what that time was but they did think it was serious enough to evacuate.

The entire school of 3000 students, faculty and staff were all at the stadium, plus worried parents looking for their children.

The main thing News 9 heard from parents is how disorganized it all was.

Some say they waited an hour and a half in the sun only to have their student sent back into the school after the all clear was given.

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And they were very frustrated and confused.

“It’s very chaotic. It shouldn’t have been handled like this at all,” said one parent.

“Its way beyond how serious they usually think it is. We make a point to make an example out of those students so this doesn’t continue,” said Jeremy Lewis with the Moore Police Department.

Jeremy Lewis said after a string of similar threats last winter, they've caught every student responsible and said this shouldn't be any different.

News 9 asked for a comment but officials instead sent a statement thanking law enforcement and saying official's focus remains on keeping students and staff safe.