Adacia Chambers Asks State To Pay For Part Of Her Defense

Friday, May 13th 2016, 4:22 pm
By: Grant Hermes

The woman accused of driving her car into an OSU homecoming crowd was back in court on Friday morning.

Adacia Chambers, 25, is asking the state for up to $10,000 to pay for an expert psychologist, according to her lawyer Tony Coleman. Both Coleman and the District Attorney had their own psychologists test to see whether Chambers was fit to stand trial earlier this year.

“Competency was an issue from the very beginning. There were evaluations done from the very beginning. The state has had Ms. Chambers evaluated and the opinions differ. It's going to take an expert to explain the difference between the two evaluations,” Coleman said.

On Friday, Chambers sat quietly manacled in the courtroom, only speaking to answer a question when asked by the judge or one of the attorneys. She is accused of killing four people and injuring 42 others when she plowed her car through the barriers at the homecoming parade. Chambers has pleaded not guilty on all 46 counts.

Court documents show Chambers only has $300 and the family has only paid her lawyer $10,000 of a $50,000 contract. In front of the judge this morning, her lawyer said he's not sure he'll ever get the full amount; just one of the reasons he says her plea for a state funded witness is needed.

Prosecutors, however, are not buying her story of being too poor to pay. They told the court they want a real look at Chambers' bank account and her tax returns from the past two years. They also wanted to speak with Chambers' father, Floyd Chambers. He's been responsible for legal fees.

Both the District Attorney and the Judge want to hear from him on the stand and under oath. The judge referenced specifically if Mr. Chambers is both willing and able to pay. Mr. Chambers was unavailable to appear in court on Friday. The Judge asked that Mr. Chambers be present at the next hearing.

According to the judge, the process of allowing the state to pay for an expert witness has two parts. The first is whether Chambers has or doesn’t have the funds to pay for and expert. The second portion is whether an expert witness is relevant to Chambers’ defense.

The Judge is expected to make a ruling at the next hearing, which was scheduled for June 1.