2 Women Arrested, Accused Of Sex Trafficking

Sunday, May 15th 2016, 4:57 pm
By: News 9

An undercover sting in the metro led to the arrests of accused pimps, prostitutes and johns.

Two of the suspects are especially alarming to anti-prostitution activists.

Shuntoya Miller, 25, and Jame Reyes, 18, were picked up at a hotel near Northwest 39 Expressway and Tulsa this week.

According to court records, they are accused of human trafficking an underage girl. 

Undercover officers responded to an online sex ad and were directed to the hotel room. 

When the officer entered the room, Reyes and the underage girl offered to perform sexual intercourse for $200. 

The women were taken into custody. Officers then located Miller in a car outside the hotel. She allegedly paid for the room and planned to profit from the activity. 

Miller was arrested for human trafficking, among other offenses. 

"This is someone who has taken a minor juvenile and began prostituting them online and probably changed this young woman's life forever," said Brian Bates of JohnTV.com

As an anti-prostitution activist, Bates closely monitors and exposes prostitution and human trafficking cases.  

In this particular case, Bates said he was able to locate the suspect's sex ad on Backpage.com and trace it back to Miller's phone number.

He did some more research and discovered that Miller also promotes herself as the founder of JBPRS, a home health care and hospice for pets. 

What's more, Bates said Miller is leading a double life that puts the public in danger.

He said her work with JBPRS allows her access to people's home and dangerously close to children

"It [JBPRS] seems like a pretty unique trustworthy organization for people who are animal lovers but when you look behind the facade -- you see this potentially, if the allegations are true, a very dangerous criminal," said Bates. 

He encourages anyone who had an unusual interaction with Miller in their home to report it to police. 

At last check, Miller and Reyes are still in custody.